Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Nurse Bites the Dust

I just spoke with a nurse who is taking steps to stop nursing. This is a nurse who properly cared for a patient and documented his care throughly. His level of care was excellent and he constantly watched the patient and intervened appropriately. But, the patient was transferred to acute care three days later and the BON is looking at every nurse involved. We explained the level of care that this wonderful nurse provided and the BON is still stating that SOMEHOW he did not follow policy and procedure and that what he did three days prior contributed to the patient's transfer and ultimate demise.

Understandably, the nurse is frustrated and worried. He is looking at other occupations because he can't believe that his care of the patient is being scrutinized. So, once again, we will loose a qualified, skilled nurse due to the unfairness and unreasonableness.

So much for protecting the public.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Miss This!!!!

At this week's Board meeting, the Board is presenting its proposed Disciplinary Sanctions for various violations. You must read this while understanding that these sanctions may be imposed on you in the future. Do not dismiss this because "I am a good nurse. I will never get in trouble with the Board." Many of my clients fell into this group; they are very good nurses that either made an error or found themselves subject to a violation because of actions outside of their control. I find some of these propositions troubling because the least intrusive of the sanctions are still heavy handed and do not allow for dismissal. Please review this immediately and be ready to comment when the proposed matrix is published.